Opening of the new venue of the A&C Culture Center

The A&C Culture Center has been committed to cultural and artistic exchanges for a long time. The center has held a new event venue on the fourth floor of 76 Mott Street Manhattan Chinatown at 10 am on January 10, 2020.

The Chairman of the Culture Center Liang Shuhong and Mrs. Liang Yumei expressed their appreciation to the talents of all walks of life, government officials and representatives, leaders of the overseas Chinese delegation, the press, and friends to join in, adding luster to the center. My colleagues in this center would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, guests, and friends who came here!

President Alex Liang expressed that in order to promote Chinese and American culture, give artists a platform for artistic exchanges, promote innovation and development, give better play to personal exchanges and cooperation in the A&C Culture Center, carry forward the spirit of Chinese traditional culture and extensively contact the younger generation to plan various cultures Art activities to train the next generation of young elites who love art.

Special thanks to the famous painters who sponsored the painting and calligraphy lottery: Liang Jiongmeng, Guan Zudong, Zhao Lu.

Here again, thanks to the guests from the political and business circles and friends for your support and care!

Overseas users watch live video of the event (YouTube)

Mainland China users watch live video of the event (Youku)