The A&C Culture Center hosted a joint exhibition, the works of calligrapher Cao Jianquan and the collection of calligraphy and painting

The A&C Culture Center invited the famous Chinese calligrapher Cao Jianquan to exhibit paintings and calligraphy works at the Confucius Building in Chinatown on June 29 and 30.

Chairman of A&C Culture Center Liang Shuhong, said that the center has long been committed to promoting cultural and artistic exchanges between the United States and China, and hopes to show more outstanding artists’ works to the public.

Cao Jianquan said that the purpose of this exhibition is to spread traditional Chinese culture and art so that more Chinese people in the United States can understand the profoundness of traditional Chinese culture. He also hopes that enthusiasts of calligraphy and painting can feel the spirit, temperament, mind, and cultivation through the exhibition works show.

Cao Jianquan Poems Shijian was born in Taishan, Guangdong in September 1944. He loved calligraphy since he was a child, and has devoted himself to studying calligraphy for decades, visiting ancient posts and drawing on the best of others. Dabble in the seal, official script, regular script, Xing script, cursive styles, especially cursive script, and form a unique style of personal. His works have repeatedly won awards in Chinese and overseas calligraphy and painting exhibitions, and have been awarded by professionals and praise from people from all walks of life.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on behalf of Winnie Greco, Chief Advisor Weber Leung, NYS Assembly Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz on behalf of Andy Chen, City Councilman Mark Treyger on behalf of Angel Fung, and other community guests attended the event.

Overseas users watch live video of the event (YouTube)

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