Founded in 2018, A & C Culture Center, Inc., abbreviation: ACCC (NY Non-Profit Organization 501C3). The office is located in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York City. It was founded by a group of professionals such as artists, professors, lawyers, and businessmen who are enthusiastic about serving the community. They have long been committed to the cultural and artistic exchanges between the United States and China and promote excellent traditional culture.
The center regularly plans and organizes art exhibitions and activities of various scales, discovers and recommends outstanding artists, and showcases the works and artistic achievements of outstanding artists to the world. Provide a platform for artists, art collectors, and enthusiasts to understand, admire, learn, and communicate, and play an active role in cultural exchanges between the United States and China and cooperation in various fields.
The center regularly invites artists to teach Eastern and Western culture and art (including calligraphy, painting, kung fu, national dance, and photography) to young people for free, so that young people can learn about Eastern and Western traditional culture.


Chairman  Shuhong  Liang

Alex Liang
Winchell Ping Chiu Woo
Weber Leung
Yu Mei Liang
Lilian Leung
Tim Lavalle
Tim Macri
Cindy Lavalle
William Vanvorous
Yon Lee
Takwah Eng


President Alex Liang
Vice President Winchell Ping Chiu Woo
Chief Advisor Weber Leung
Accountancy Yu Mei Liang
Secretary Jiasi He

Executive Directors
Eunice Chen
King Yip
Wenchang Chen
Jianfu Mei
Rongtian Wu
Lihong Lin
Xiong Ming (Art Instructor)

Wailoy Leung (Martial Art)
Yongkang Zeng (Editor)
Louis Zhao (Photography)
Yanxia Wang
Huazhao Liang
Lishan Zhang
Zudong Guan
Jianhua Xu
Quanyuan Cen
Bingqiang Huang
Steven Chen
Yueling Li


Honorary President
Jundu Liang
Guanliang Bi
Dacheng Wu
Xuechuan Jiang
Jianquan Cao
Weizhang Zhen
Zhanhua Li
Hongbang Chen
Ceyun Zhang
Yaolong Zhu
Zhencai Mei
Peter Liang
Minglu Wang
Dagui Sun
Ling En Chen

City Councilman Peter Koo
Felix W. Ortiz
Yan Yang
Ziming Li
Weihua Liang
Qiming Wu
Cindy Zhang
Cecilia Liang
WanLung Kwan
Xiaoping Liang
BaoYong・AiXinJueLuo (Art)
Huanquan Lin (Art)
Xianli Zhai (Art)
Hanxiang Zhao (Art)
Zunyu Huang (Art)
Shanxian Mo (Art)
Qichuang Lin (Art)
Jingfan Zhong (Art)
Xiuling Li (Art)
Fengyun Xing (Art)
Yuanwan Ye (Art)