Organizing a joint exhibition of the World’s One Hundred Chinese Calligraphy Charity

The A&C Culture Center in New York, USA will hold the “World’s One Hundred Chinese Charity Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” in order to promote traditional Chinese culture and to display to the world the beauty of traditional Chinese artwork and calligraphy. Various painters, artists and calligraphers from all walks of life will gather to showcase their artist achievements in the Chinese arts. “The World’s One Hundred Chinese Calligraphy and Calligraphy Joint Exhibition” will become a platform for these artists to communicate and cooperate with each other. The joint exhibition will serve as a catalyst to further promote the development of Chinese calligraphy and art by recommending outstanding artists and new talents to enter the world Chinese calligraphy and Chinese Painting.
The relevant matters concerning the preparation of the joint exhibition are hereby as follows:

  1. Participants: Chinese calligraphy and painting masters, folk artists, and young artists at home and abroad.
  2. Exhibited Works: Whether calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting or oil painting, a work that can represent the artist’s artistic level, the content is elegant, and it integrates ideological, artistic and ornamental.
  3. Exhibits Works Collection Method: The exhibited works must be accompanied by the author’s resume, a recent photo, and the consent to participate in the exhibition and publication. At the same time, please write a calligraphy work of the “A&C Culture Center”. The font is not limited. If the exhibited works are cursive script, please attach an explanation as well as a seal script and carved seal. All on-site exhibitions must post the original works. If you do not participate in the physical exhibition, you can send high-resolution photos or scanned copies of the works to participate in the printing and publishing of the album. All original works of calligraphy prepared by participating artists for “A&C Culture Center” must be mailed to the A&C Culture Center headquarters located in New York or to the Guangzhou and Taishan offices.
  4. The “World’s One Hundred Chinese Charity Painting and Calligraphy Joint Exhibition” is organized by the “A&C Culture Center, Inc.”. The joint exhibition does not charge any fees to the participating authors. After the joint exhibition is over, all exhibited works will be compiled into an album for publication, and a video of the joint exhibition will be taken to promote and expand the influence of the exhibited works. force.
  5. Chinese calligraphy and painting masters, folk artists, and new talents of calligraphy and calligraphy at home and abroad are welcome to participate.

The right to interpret this activity belongs to the A&C Culture Center.

A&C Culture Center, Inc.