Painter Liu Yunlin’s Modern Art Exhibition “All Things of the Same Origin” Held at the A & C Culture Center

On April 9th, painter Liu Yunlin’s “All Things in One Source” modern art exhibition was held at the Chinatown A & C Culture Center in New York City, featuring abstract oil paintings and calligraphy (ink on canvas). The exhibition was attended by New York City Councilman Gu Ya Ming, Chairman of the Chinese Public Association Yu Jinshan, Chairman of the Veterans Association Zhu Chaoran, Chairman of the New York Poetry, Painting and Chess Club Sham Zhuohuai, Chairman of the US-China Cultural Industry Center Liang Jinzheng, General Counselor Liang Weipai, Executive Directors Chen Wenmin, Wu Huahua and Mei Jianfu, guests Allen and Robert Mango, Venerable Hong Yun of the New York Prajna Zen Institute, President of the Chinese Calligraphers Association of America Li Zhaoyin, Liu Xishu, President of Shui Bu Overseas Chinese General Association, Huang Shanren, President of Chinatown Magazine, etc. Cai Mingsen, director of the Fujian Branch of the Chinese Association of Visual Arts, and Zou, director of the Sanfang Qixiang Museum of Art in Fuzhou, sent congratulatory letters respectively.

For more information and works of Liu Yunlin, please click here.

Overseas users watch live video of the event (YouTube)

Mainland China users watch live video of the event (Youku)