“Made in Chinatown” Press Conference Held at the A & C Culture Center

In an effort to revitalize Manhattan’s Chinatown community, A & C Culture Center, in partnership with Tambuli Media and Vision Films, held a film release party for Made in Chinatown on June 12 at the A & C Culture Center, 76 Mott Street.

This Chinatown meets Little Italy kung fu comedy film is set in Philadelphia, but is based in Manhattan’s Chinatown, and is a clever comedic look at the experiences of Asian immigrants and the series of stereotypical labels that have been attached to them. The film follows the protagonist, Manny Chow, who finds himself inadvertently involved in two love stories, drawing on the Chinese and Italian cultures of the gangster films Godfather and Goodfellas. He imagines his own Italian dream man and the perfect Chinese girl next door love story.

Overseas users watch the live video of the launch (YouTube)

Mainland China users watch live video of the launch (Youku)