A&C Culture Center opens ribbon-cutting

The A&C Culture Center held an opening ribbon-cutting ceremony on the second floor of 76 Mott Street, Chinatown, New York at 11 am on June 15th, show the beautiful American and Chinese culture to overseas Chinese in New York!
Chairman Liang Shuhong, President Alex Liang, Vice President Woo Bingchao, and a group of council advisors appeared on the stage and presided over the ribbon-cutting.

The A&C Culture Center is a non-profit community art organization, which was registered and established on January 18, 2018. It is an art team in the field of American cultural industries. The members of the center are all outstanding cultural enterprises and professionals in the field of art from all over the world, serving as a communication platform for the New York Art Center in the United States. These companies spread all over the global Chinese art program, including Chinese education, electronic platform culture, film and television media, arts and crafts, cultural tourism, large-scale international cultural activities, and have a strong influence and leading role in conveying information. The center takes “building a platform, providing services, coordinating, and innovating and developing” as its purpose, and with the requirements of building a world-renowned social organization in the cultural field. Cultivate a new generation of artistic talent exchange.

The artworks of the A&C Culture Center are one of the traditional historical archives. The physical archives are provided by artists with a collection of more than 300 items, including biographical materials, publications, press releases from newspapers, artist flyers, etc., paintings and calligraphy, photos, and digital files. These archives document the art of Asian Americans in New York over the past seventy years, and in many cases, the relationship between American artists and the A&C Culture Center. The center also hires art consultants, community organizations, and global institutions to participate in development projects.

At 7 pm, The Allen Hotel held a reception to celebrate the establishment of the center, inviting community leaders, artistic talents, business owners, and other guests to attend and gather together. New York State Assembly Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz and New York City Councilman Peter Koo attended the event to express congratulations!

Overseas users watch live video of the event (YouTube)

Mainland China users watch live video of the event (Youku)