A & C Culture Center Hosts Group Exhibition of Famous Artists of Modern Painting and Calligraphy

In order to promote Chinese traditional culture and spirit, and to better inherit and develop the art of painting and calligraphy, A & C Culture Center organized the “Group Exhibition of Famous Artists of Modern Painting and Calligraphy”, which was held for seven consecutive days from June 27th at the Exhibition Hall of A & C Culture Center in Manhattan, New York.
The exhibition features 28 works of calligraphy and painting by Liang Shixiong, Rong Qidong, Pan Fang, Zhu Songmin, Li Xiaobai, Feng Sheng, Feng Guanghai, Qi Xiaohong, Ye Song, Sun Youming, Zeng Rong, Li Chi Lin, Zhang Renyou, Zhou Yue, Tang Qilian, Zhao Guochan, Lu Yiming, Feng Minxia, Liu Xiaozhen, Wu Yushou, Luo Zhiqiang, Li Jianyuan, Luo Shiyun, Bei Gang, Zou Mei, Zeng Guohui, Luo Zhiyan, Xu Jianguo. Many guests attended the opening ceremony, including New York State Senator Kavanagh Representative Zhang Xiaoying, New York City First District City Council Member Representative Huang Huaqing, Mayor’s Office Representative Zheng Qirong, Mayor’s Senior Advisor for Public Safety Gu Ya Ming, former Chinese Congregation President Yu Jinshan, U.S. Eastern Union Cheng Congregation President Liang Hanben, New York Veterans of Foreign Wars Zhu Chaoran, New York Poetry, Painting and Chess Club Chairman Shum Chaohuai and President Mei Zhencai, Edward Amy Lim Cuccia, Chairman of the Weng Group, Liu Zi Yang, General Manager of the Chinese Business News, Zhang Li Fu, President of the World Federation of Culture and Arts, Fei Xiaolian, President of the Bruren Social Association, Wu Zhiwei, President of the New York State Federation, Deng Xue Yuan, President of the Chinese American Arts Exchange Center, Li Ke Yi, President of the Dongguan Chamber of Commerce, Deng Lisi, Vice President Ye Jin Quan, Chairman of the Zhao Clan, Zhao Yujie, Vice President Stockton University Mr. Kenny Ho, and many other institutions artists support, we work together to carry forward the great Chinese culture, this event has been a complete success.

Overseas users watch live video of the event (YouTube)

Mainland China users watch live video of the event (Youku)