A&C Culture Center’s first New York Thousand People Cheongsam Parade

A&C Culture Center’s first New York Thousand People Cheongsam Show Parade was grandly launched on Sunday, September 16th last week. The event was a successful performance. In order to enrich the cultural and artistic activities in the Chinese community in New York, let Chinese culture and art flourish, our cheongsam tutor. We have worked together for more than 4 months to start a series of training rehearsals, and presented the results to everyone that day, bringing new era women wearing cheongsam in overseas Chinese communities, once again creating a record in New York. Thousands of cheongsam ladies performed performances and aerial photography in the Welfare Plaza in front of the City Hall in the morning. The spectacular formation attracted the attention of thousands of people and many tourists. In the afternoon, each cheongsam captain led a thousand cheongsam ladies to appear in Roosevelt Park in Chinatown. They were divided into multiple phalanxes to enter the venue and exhibited the beauty of the United States, the Chinese flag, and the huge cultural industry center of the United States and China while broadcasting the United States and China. The song enters the venue and the “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Happy National Day” change performance will shock the world!

The organizer, Mr. Alex Liang, the President of the A&C Culture Center, Ms. Eunice Chen, Chief Planner and Urban United Federation of the sponsor, New York Thousand People Cheongsam Show General Counsel Chairman Liang Shuhong, and Advisor Mr. Weber Leung, Chief Director and Head of the Chinese Song and Dance Troupe of New York, Ms. Feng Jie, artistic director, Ms. Lin Wanru, and performance captains: Ms. He Weiying, Ms. Zhu Di, Ms. Zi Xuan, Ms. Hu Suxian, Ms. Hu Weiwei, Ms. Zhang Lishan, Ms. Mei Lina, Ms. Ji Liqing. Recording unit Louis New York Film and Television, photography unit New York The Photographic Society of New York, co-organizing the Qingsong Taiji team.

The organizer invites guests:, Felix W. Ortiz, Assistant Speaker of the NYS Assembly, Mr. Martin Golden, Senator of New York State, City Councilor Mark Treyger, representative of Ms. Angel Fung, representative of Leung Chung How’s clan association Liang Yuncong, President, William Su, Advisor of the American Chinese Federation of Artificial Commerce, Zhang Weitang, Chairman of the Guangzhou Alumni Association, Mr. Yu Gangshen from the United Center of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Association, Executive Chairman of the Urban United Federation Jimmy Li, Executive Director Ye Yongting, the Photographic Society of New York President Xinxin Liang, Chairman Zhen Jinrong of the New York Taishan Friendship Association, Chairman Li Shaoji of Jiangmen Wuyi Chamber of Commerce, and Vice Chairman of the Taishan General Chamber of Commerce Yu Zhikuang.

To congratulate the thousand people cheongsam performance on the complete success, In the evening, the A&C Culture Center, on 103 Mott Street, Royal Seafood Restaurant opened thirty-five seats to warmly comfort some of the cheongsam ladies who worked hard for a day and the heads of the co-organizers who actively supported the event, with volunteers from the Urban United Federation. The honor guard of the New York Veterans Association held an entrance ceremony for this and congratulated with the highest etiquette!

Overseas users watch live video of the event (YouTube)

Mainland China users watch live video of the event (Youku)