Chairman Shuhong Liang of A&C Culture Center visited the Tai Shan Literary Review Association.

On the afternoon of March 26th, Mr. Shuhong Liang, Chairman of A&C Culture Center, and Mr. Jianwen Mei, an American photographer, visited the Taishan Literary and Art Review Association for an exciting academic exchange with Mr. Jianhua Mai, the Chairman of the Association, and Mr. Jieming Liang, the Secretary-General. Mr. Liang introduced the development history of A&C Culture Center and the planning process of the “World’s Top 100 Calligraphers and Painters Collection,” a cultural activity that was carefully planned to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and to promote the long-standing history and culture of the Chinese nation. The collection features exquisite works by a hundred calligraphers and painters from both China and abroad, printed on copperplate paper with a certificate of collection included in each book, showcasing a noble and refined style.

During the exchange, Mr. Liang and Mr. Mai introduced the basic information and publication characteristics of their respective units. After exchanging ideas, Mr. Liang presented the collection to the Taishan Literary and Art Review Association and Mr. Mai, and Mr. Mei also gave his photographic art works to Mr. Mai, while Mr. Mai presented Mr. Liang and Mr. Mei with a collection of selected literary works edited and published by the Association, as well as his latest publications “Golden Autumn” and “Success Always Comes After Hardship”. Mr. Mai highly praised the beautiful layout and rich content of the “World’s Top 100 Calligraphers and Painters Collection.” After the exchange, Mr. Mei also expressed that he will send Mr. Mai’s collection to the cultural center in Chicago for collection. This exchange not only enhanced friendship among all parties but also made positive contributions to promoting cultural exchanges between China and the United States.