A & C Culture Center celebrates New Year’s Eve and welcomes the Chinese New Year by inviting several calligraphers and painters to exhibit and present their artwork.

The Chinese New Year of the Golden Rabbit is approaching and is being celebrated by A & C Culture Center. More than ten famous New York calligraphers were invited to the event. In addition to displaying their works, several calligraphers were also invited to write auspicious words such as “Fai Chun” and “Blessing” to present to the audience.
A & C Culture Center is located on the fourth floor of the Liang Zhongxiao Church Building, 76 Matheson Street, New York. The participating artists included Lin Zhiyu, Feng Minxia, Lu Yiming, Cen Quangyuan, Zeng Yongkang, Wu Zhuohuai, Ye Jimin, Mok Meijuan, Yao Guohui, Liu Dabao, Fu Guangan, Yao Boyuan, Tang Feng, Lu Rongen, Wu Edward, Li Guang, Liu Yunlin, Xiong Ming, Cao Wenyao and others.