Presenting the “International Collection of Hundreds of Fine Artists” at Chinatown’s A&C Culture Center on the 21st

Presenting the “International Collection of Hundreds of Fine Artists” was held at the Chinatown A&C Culture Center on the 21st. The event was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Shouhong Liang, Director and Chairman of the Center, Winnie Greco, Director of Asian Affairs for the Mayor, Christopher Marte, Council Member, Christopher Yu, District 65 Leader of the Democratic Party, Deng Ya-Hsun, Director of the Society for the Study of Shooting Technology, Eugene Mui, Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yamin Gu, Senior Advisor to the Mayor’s Office, The Rev’d Paul Tabor, Head of Art of the Vatican Museums, New York Chapter, and members of the community. The Rev’d Paul Tabor, Artistic Director of the New York Chapter, and members of the community attended the event.

The Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural exchange between the East and the West. The release of the “International Collection of Hundreds of Fine Artists”, which began in 2020, is a collection of works by artists and calligraphers from all over the world. Preparations for the book were hampered during the New Crown epidemic, but through the combined efforts of the participants, the book is now available.

The Mayor’s Asian Affairs Director, Ms. Kieran Cheng, said at the meeting that the art of painting and calligraphy is an important expression of traditional Chinese culture and that it is great to see the outstanding contribution of the U.S.-China Cultural Industry Center in spreading traditional Chinese culture and promoting cultural exchange between China and the West.

City Councilor Mattei expressed his honor to participate in the book launch and hoped that more and more Chinese and American artists would participate in cultural exchange activities and that more outstanding art works could be presented to the public in the future.

The first edition of the book is printed in two thousand copies, with a number and a collection certificate. The book is arranged in descending order of the artist’s age, and collects the works of one hundred and ninety-nine contemporary artists of all ages from all over the world. Donations for the book are available through sponsorship. Liang Shuhong, the director of the US-China Cultural Industry Center, said that he does not want to make profit through this publication, but only wants to accumulate funds for the reprint of the book through sponsorship.

The artworks collected in the book will be exhibited in batches from June 30 to mid-September in the Manhattan and Chinatown galleries of the A&C Culture Center, and will be open to the public free of charge every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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