American Culture

American culture belongs to Western culture and has been developed long before the independence of the United States. Because of its colonial history, British culture has the most dramatic influence, such as the use of English and the common law system; the rest have a greater influence on American culture including Irish culture, German culture, Polish culture, Italian culture, Native American culture and African culture (especially West Africa). American culture is also influenced by new immigrants and neighboring countries (such as Canada, Mexico, etc.). Because of the influence of British colonization, the United States made its culture somewhat similar to other western immigrant countries, such as Canada and Australia. In addition, the subculture plays an important role in American culture, and the most influential ones are the German subculture, the Irish subculture, and the English subculture.

The United States has its own unique social and cultural characteristics, such as dialects, music, art, social habits, food, folk customs, etc. The United States of America today is an ethnically and racially diverse country, and people from other countries have continued to immigrate to the United States throughout history. Its main early influence came from immigrants from Britain and Ireland. British culture has a dominant influence due to the British colonization and the spread of English, the legal system, and other cultural heritage. Other important influences come from other parts of Europe.