Zhen Weizhang

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Zhen Weizhang, male, born on January 6, 1971, a native of Taishan, Guangdong, joined the education work in August 1989 (32 years), a member of the CPC, with a postgraduate degree, is currently a member of Taishan Political Consultative Committee, a member of Taishan Literature and Arts Federation, and the deputy director of Taishan Teacher Development Center Center, with a deputy high title. He is also a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, executive director of the Chinese Artists Association Calligraphy and Painting Research Society, member of the Chinese Calligraphy Art Research Society, member of the Guangdong Calligraphers Association, member of the Guangdong Humanities Art Research Society, director of the Jiangmen Calligraphers Association, president of the Taishan Calligraphy Association, member of the Taishan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, advisor to the US-China Cultural Exchange Center, member of the New York Qinqi Calligraphy and Painting Association and the New York Art and Energy Painting and Calligraphy Institute He is a member of the New York Qinqi Calligraphy and Painting Association and the New York Artistic Institute.
He has been awarded as “the first cultural celebrity of rural youth in Guangdong Province”, “Excellent teacher of teaching in South Guangdong Province”, excellent teacher of Jiangmen City, top ten young people of Jiangmen City, excellent teacher of Taishan City, excellent teacher of Taishan City, top ten outstanding young people of Taishan City, excellent school principal of Taishan City, excellent literary and artistic director of Taishan City, excellent teacher of Taishan City, and an excellent teacher of Taishan City. Outstanding Principal, Outstanding Literary Artist and Literary Worker of Taishan City, and 3 times the honorable titles of Excellent Party Member of Taishan City Education System, Advanced Individual in Moral Education and Advanced Individual in Cultural Creation! His calligraphy works have been awarded and exhibited in international, national, provincial, and municipal calligraphy competitions dozens of times. His calligraphy works have also been presented as gifts from the Taishan government to associations and famous overseas Chinese leaders at home and abroad, and his personal calligraphy works have been collected by countries, associations, folks, and compatriots in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan as far away as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines, as a link between overseas Chinese and overseas cultural exchanges. Among them, he wrote a calligraphy work: “Shou”, which was presented to Mr. Lei Jieqiong, a native of Taishan and former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, as a congratulatory gift for her 105th birthday.
During the period from August 1, 1989, to December 2009, he worked as a calligraphy teacher, personally teaching calligraphy students more than 30,000 times, tutoring students to participate in national, provincial, and municipal calligraphy competitions for more than 3,000 times to win awards at all levels, more than 80 times to win the Outstanding Tutor Award, and more than 20 times to organize calligraphy competitions for adults, primary and secondary school students in the city, contributing to the promotion of the popularization and improvement of calligraphy among children in the city. The performances organized for calligraphy students have received unanimous praise and accolades from the family of Mr. Wu Shun-Te, the Jian Gong people, Zhao Ziyang, Huang Hua, Li Desheng, Yu Qiuli, Wu Xueqian, Chen Muhua, Lei Jieqiong, Xie Fei, Wang Daohan, Zhang Dejiang and other national leaders, presidents of national famous universities, overseas Chinese and people from all walks of life who visited to watch the performances of calligraphy class students.
From November 1, 2010, to August 13, 2018, during his tenure as Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of Taishan Children’s Palace, he ran the Taishan Children’s Palace into a pattern of one palace, one kindergarten, and one branch, organizing cultural, artistic and sports training activities for children up to 250,000 times, which had been unanimously praised by the family of Mr. Wu Shunde, the founder of the palace, overseas Chinese and people from all walks of life, and received departments at all levels awards, and contributed to the promotion of art education in primary and secondary schools in Taishan!
He also wrote signboard plaques for schools, government, and office yards from all walks of life, which were collected by people from all walks of life. Since he assumed the position of President of Taishan Calligraphy Association on August 13, 2016, he has led all members to promote the art of good Chinese calligraphy, inherit Chinese culture, and organize a series of calligraphy activities every year to help create a cultural heritage in our city. Such as: “Taishan Calligraphy Association Members’ Works Exhibition”, “Taishan Family Style – Family Training Calligraphy Exhibition”, “Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China Calligraphy Exhibition”, “Celebration of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Calligraphy Exhibition” with and members of the individual calligraphy exhibition. Every Spring Festival, he organizes members to go to townships to hold “Spring Couplets to Ten Thousand Families” activities, for example, during the Spring Festival in 2019, he organized members to publish in the People’s Daily on the theme of “Spring Couplets in Pinyin to Ten Thousand Families”, which further developed the function of the calligraphy association and was highly appreciated by all walks of life. It was highly appreciated by all walks of life. We also contributed to the cultivation of calligraphic talents. For example, the works of the members of Taishan Calligraphy Association have won awards in national, provincial, and municipal competitions and joined associations at all levels, and I have actively organized members to participate in various calligraphy exchange activities at all levels, such as giving calligraphy lessons to the public, organizing calligraphy competitions for primary and secondary school students in the city, and making efforts to cultivate calligraphy talents. He also organized members to study “Xi Jinping’s Theory of Socialism with Characteristics for a New Era”, to study General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches to literary artists, and to carry out the “Five Activities of Calligraphy” series, contributing to the promotion and development of traditional Chinese culture – the art of calligraphy.
His deeds have been included in the “Treasury of Ideas of Chinese Communists in the New Era” published by the Central Publishing House of the Communist Party of China, the “Nan Yue Meritorious Code — Witnessing History and Creating Brilliance Again” published by the Red Flag Publishing House and the “Southern Guangdong Heroes — Selected Figures of Outstanding Contribution” published by the Red Flag Publishing House. -He has also been reported by TV stations, newspapers, and news media at all levels many times. His calligraphic works and essays have been included in more than ten national, provincial and municipal essay collections and calligraphy collections; he also held a successful exhibition of Yan Weizhang’s calligraphy works at the Taishan Painting and Calligraphy Institute from February 3 to 18, 2016, and has authored “Introduction to Regular Script”, “Introduction to Running Script”, “Introduction to Official Script”, “Collection of Yan Weizhang’s Calligraphy Works”, etc. Calligraphy Collection!

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