Zhang Ceyun

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Zhang Ceyun worked at the Guangdong Institute of Education (now Guangdong Second Normal College) before his retirement. In his early years, he studied under Professor Ye Luye, a master of the Lingnan School of Painting, and Professor Mai Huasan, a master of calligraphy.
Prof. Zhang Xieyun is now the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of People’s Art Newspaper, the Honorary Lifetime Advisor of He Xiangning Culture Construction Promotion Association, the Honorary President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Guangzhou Branch of the Chinese Party Building Painting Institute, the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Chinese Studies, the Vice President of the Chinese National Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, the Specially Appointed National Artist of the Chinese Ziguangge National Gift Art Center, the Specially Appointed “Youth Arts and Culture Mentor” of the Chinese Cultural Management Association, the Phoenix Network (Guangzhou). “, honorary advisor of Phoenix (Guangzhou) art, permanent academic advisor of the Royal Academic Foundation of England, and was awarded the highest honorary medal, honorary cultural advisor for life of Luo Man Foundation Corporation.

Representative Works