Yao Guohui

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Born in Guangzhou in September 1956, American calligrapher and painter Yao Guohui (Juehui) was trained by his family at an early age and loves traditional Chinese literature and art, especially Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. “After graduating from the Yangcheng Art School, he then specialized in the Chinese script. After graduating from Yangcheng Art School, he specialized in the cliff carvings of the “Taishan Diamond Sutra”, the Jin “Good King Stele” and other Wei and Jin inscriptions, and then combined them with his own comprehension into the clerical script, which was well received by the provincial and municipal calligraphy circles, and was accepted as a member of the Guangdong Young Calligraphers Association in the 1980s. In 1986, he won the third prize in the “Guangzhou First Youth Calligraphy and Painting Competition”, and his name was included in the “Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Young Calligraphers” published in 1992, with the comment that “he is an expert in clerical calligraphy, and his calligraphy is a mixture of Wei and Li, pursuing a thick and delicate style”. In 2016, he was selected for the “Yangcheng Famous Calligraphers Exhibition”.
After coming to the United States, I also studied ink painting, starting from observing and copying the works of masters such as “Fu Baoshi, Qi Baishi, Bai Xueshi”, understanding their line, composition, and other techniques, and injecting calligraphy lines and other brushwork in practice. After some exploration and efforts, he gradually formed his own favorite style of tantalizing ink painting. In his free time, he actively participates in the art exchange activities of the Chinese community in New York, and his calligraphy and ink paintings have been exhibited in Chinese community exhibitions many times and have been well received.
Mr. Zhou Rong, vice president of the New York Poetry, Painting and Chess Association, wrote a poem for his calligraphy and painting works: “Not trying to attract the public and not seeking fame, ink and water are better than sound; borrowed from the painting to express their own ideas, lead washed away to reveal the true feelings.”
He is now a member of the New York Poetry, Painting and Chess Association and a member of the Global Artists Alliance.

Representative Works