Chen Hongfei

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Chen Hongfei, a native of Enping, Guangdong Province, is a member of Guangdong Calligraphers Association, a member of Guangdong Old Cadre Calligraphy and Painting Research Association, a director of Enping Calligraphers Association (chairman of Dongcheng Town Branch), and vice-chairman of Enping Old Cadre Calligraphy and Painting Research Association. 2009, he graduated from the 17th correspondence course of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, and in 2019, he obtained the 10th grade of the Chinese Calligraphers Association Grade Examination, and his calligraphy works have been awarded in the National Calligraphy Competition. He has been awarded several times in various calligraphy exhibitions inside and outside the province and has twice gone to Macau to participate in calligraphy activities. He mainly pursues the “Erwang” style of calligraphy. He has also written on the “Cao Quan Stele” and “Ode to the Stone Gate”. His cursive calligraphy is very good.

Representative Works