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Uthai, character You Xing, is a Thai-born 4th generation Chinese, Muay Thai fighter, calligrapher, Chinese teacher, and traveler. He is currently a director of the Thai-Chinese Economic Association, a director of the Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China in Thailand, and a director-general and agent of the World Federation of Muay Thai – Martial Arts Super League.
Between 1982 and 1986, he returned to China to pursue his studies and graduated from Fujian Province Arts and Crafts School and Xiamen University Art Department under the tutelage of landscape masters Zhang Xiaohan and Yang Xia Lin, flower and bird masters Guan Shan Yue and Zhang Renxi, Nanjing painter Yaming, Zhejiang painter Shao Xie Yuan, Xiamen calligrapher Luo Dan, Xiamen University Art Department professor Yu Gang, calligraphers Bai Qihong, Chen Meixiang and He Bingzhong.
In 1988, he was invited to the Russian City Art Center and the Haisanwei City Art Center to hold a solo exhibition of more than 100 paintings and calligraphic works.

Representative Works