Hong Wei

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Hong Wei, a native of Wannian, Jiangxi, graduated from the Art Department of Nanchang Normal University in 1955, graduated from the Chinese Department of Huazhong Normal University in 1960, and then stayed in the university as a teacher of Chinese classical literature. From 1986 to 1998, he was the head of the Association of Calligraphers of Jiangsu Province. He has participated in the First National Invitational Exhibition of Young and Middle-aged Calligraphers, the First National Exhibition of Couplet Calligraphy, the Second National Exhibition of Zhengshu, the Fifth National Exhibition of Calligraphy and Seal Carving, and the Sixth Exhibition of Calligraphy and Seal Carving. In 1988, he received the “Century Award” from the Chinese Calligraphers and Painters; in 2004, he received the “Three Gorges Sketching” award. In 2008, the People’s Fine Arts Publishing House published “Hong Wei’s Calligraphy Collection” and “Spring River Flowers and Moonlight” cursive scroll, and in August 2012, Hong Wei’s calligraphy exhibition was held at the Celebrity Painting and Calligraphy Museum in Beijing, which was well received by all walks of life. Later, he donated 108 calligraphic works to the government of Wannian County, an old revolutionary area, free of charge. In November 2012, Wannian County established the “Wannian Hong Wei Art Museum”, and in 2003, he was elected as one of the “Ten People Who Moved Wannian”.

Representative Works