Jonathan Ming Ji Su

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Mr. Jonathan Ming Ji Su’s dream of loving Chinese culture is eternal. He regards Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting as his melody in life. From the lofty slopes of China’s Loess Plateau to western Pacific America, he played the Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism movements in Chinese culture in his spiritual world. He founded the American Center for American Buddhism Culture and Art and worked hard as a consultant for the film Yinyuan, an associate producer of the film Enlightenment Philosophy, a consultant for Da’an Technology Group Co” Ltd., and a director of the International Hawaiian Cultural Federation. Since young, he has been contributing to weaving colorful Chinese painting and calligraphy stories, and he is dedicated to showing his stories to his hometown China, and to the people from around the world. He let the calligraphy and painting culture write youth, and put youth into Chinese cultural exchanges. Mr. Jonathan Ming Ji Su is a highly influential messenger of Chinese culture as well as an outstanding artist.

Representative Works