Dong Junying

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Professor Dong Junying, male, a native of Changwu, Shaanxi Province, born in February 1957, is a director of the Chinese Artists Association and a national-level artist. Member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association. He is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association and a producer of stamps for the 19th National Congress. Since the 1980s, he has published many articles and works in national magazines and newspapers on art, education in Shaanxi, pioneering, and the art world. He was awarded the “Pioneer Artist” and the “Order of Meritorious Artist”. He was awarded the qualification by the State Council, Information Office, and reported by major media nationwide. He has lectured at Izan University in Japan. His works have been collected by friends in Japan, England, the United States, and Singapore. Through the exhibition of his paintings, he has received great support from the U.S. government officials, and has received honorary certificates from the ambassadors of England, France, Russia, Mexico, and Panama, as well as the honorary title and medal of “The Most Valuable Contemporary Chinese Artist for Investment and Collection”.

Representative Works