Su Donghe

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Su Donghe, born in 1962 in the spring city of Jinan, now lives in Beijing, Jinan, and New York. He is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a member of the Chinese Folk Artists Association, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Calligraphy, a vice president of the Calligraphy Court of the Chinese Academy of Ethnic Painting, a director of the Overseas Chinese Artists Association, an artistic director of the World Chinese Culture and Arts Foundation, and a vice president of the East-West Art and Culture Association.
Since his youth, he studied with Mr. Chen Zuohuang, a calligrapher and seal carver, and later with Professor Jiang Weisong, a calligrapher and seal carver, and Mr. Han Tianheng, a calligrapher and seal carver.
His calligraphy is mainly in seal script, with his main focus on Shi Gu Wen, Tai Shan Engraved Stone, Qin Zhao Ban, Shi Chen Stele, Zhang Qian Stele, Han Jian Script, and regular script such as Dongfang Shuo Painting and Praise, etc. He pursues a simple, thick, and simple style of calligraphy with a touch of gold and stone.
Since 1982, his seal engraving works have been published in over 1,000 newspapers and magazines at home and abroad, and have been selected for more than 30 national calligraphy and seal engraving exhibitions, including the Sixth National Calligraphy and Seal Engraving Exhibition and the First National Seal Engraving Exhibition. He has held solo exhibitions in Jinan, Beijing, Japan, and the United States, and has won awards in more than twenty calligraphy and seal carving competitions at home and abroad.
In recent years, his works have been collected by many museums or memorials at home and abroad. In 1993, he was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to engrave a 10 cm giant seal for the Royal Palace of Thailand, which was exhibited at the Palace and collected permanently, and his art was praised by the leaders of the Ministry of Culture.

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