Lu Rong’en

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Chinese American painter Mr. Lu Rong’en, born in 1949, is a professional painter from Zhejiang Province. He has served as the chief Chinese calligrapher and painter of Disneyland, the director of the New York Artists Association, the life member of the Australian Chinese Artists Association, the director of the China International Association of Calligraphers and Painters, the director of the Guangdong Overseas Friendship Association, the member of the Calligraphers and Painters Committee of the Guangdong Overseas Friendship Association, the vice president of the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Chinese Culture and Arts Association, the director of the Foshan-Zhuhai-Macau Calligraphy and Painting Association, and the director of the A & C Culture Center in New York. He grew up in Guangzhou as a teenager and was a gifted and knowledgeable artist. Under the introduction of his second uncle Chen Xujing (former president of Lingnan University, vice president of Sun Yat-sen University, president of Jinan University, and president of Nankai University), he studied painting and calligraphy with masters such as Huang Anren, Shan Boqin, Li Ge Min, and Zhou Qianqiu, and received guidance from Professor Rong Geng, a famous archaeologist, paleographer, and collector. He also received the guidance of Professor Yung Geng, a famous archaeologist, antiquarian, and collector. He was deeply loved and guided by Guan Shan Yue and Lai Hung Choi, masters of the Lingnan School of painting, and studied with his friend Bao Yue Ting, a famous red Chinese painter, which helped him gain a lot from his art. In the early 1980s, when the painter Lu Rong’en had an exhibition in Guangzhou, Mr. Su Gengchun, a famous master of painting and calligraphy, wrote on the spot after seeing the exhibition: “Young and promising, he has created his own path, combining the East and the West, his paintings will shine.”

As a matter of fact, the dozens of paintings that Mr. Lu is exhibiting today are even more refreshing than before. He moved to Australia from 1981 to 1986 to raise funds for various local charities, and in 1983, the City of Sydney selected works of art from 23 countries for permanent exhibition, and Mr. Lu was the only Chinese painter to be selected for his work “The Goddess of Wushan”. In 1987, he moved to the United States and has held many solo and group exhibitions. He has attracted the attention of the art world. His Chinese painting works have deeply infected the public all over the world and have become artworks that people love to hold in their hands. He also often goes around the world to exhibitions, and public opinion of the local artists exchange painting, and constantly explored, so that their own style of painting more unique, is a typical new Lingnan opinion of the combination of Western art. His paintings are full of traditional and new trends, Chinese and Western, concrete and abstract, deep and clear, and even abstract paintings, he uses the Chinese ink, color, and the characteristics of Xuan paper to paint works, making the picture more dripping, expressing the painter’s perception of modern life! The colorful subject matter is so diverse that people can’t help but love it, which is the charm of the master artist! His works have been exhibited at home and abroad, and have been well received by connoisseurs and the public at home and overseas. Mr. Lu has held many solo and group exhibitions in Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Macau, and other parts of China. From 1982 to 2014, his works were collected by the City of Sydney, Australia, the Chinese History Museum, the Chinese Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, the New York Times in 1998, the Macao Museum, the Zhongshan Library in Guangdong Province, the Sun Yat-sen Marshal Museum in Guangzhou, the Ministry of United Front Work of Guangdong Province, the National Archives in Guangzhou, etc., and were interviewed by various newspapers and selected by major publishers for their books.

Representative Works