Qi Xiaohong

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Qi Xiaohong, a world cultural celebrity, great-granddaughter of the great master of Chinese painting Qi Baishi, the fourth-generation heir of Qi School, excellent heir of Qi School red flowers and ink leaves, especially good at painting shrimps. Now she is the vice president of China Central Television’s China Video Channel Painting and Calligraphy Institute, member of Hunan Artists Association, member of Xiangtan Artists Association, vice chairman of Xiangtan Enterprise Literary Association, member of Qi Baishi Research Association, senior creator of Loudi Art Museum.
In recent years, while studying the art of Qi School, he has taken the strengths of various schools and formed his own fresh and bright painting style. His works have been collected by many art museums and museums, and he has won many prizes in the national Grand Prix, and his paintings have been presented to foreign friends as gifts from Xiangtan City many times, and he has published his personal album many times.
Chronology of figures.
In 1988, he studied painting in Beijing with his uncle, Mr. Qi Liangchi.
In October 1999, he participated in the exhibition of “Bai Shi descendants Qi Yulai’s father and daughter works” held in Qingdao.
In May 2007, his work “Royal Cat” won the first prize in the “Provincial Enterprise and Institution Painting and Calligraphy Grand Prix” held by Loudi City Federation of Trade Unions.
In January 2010, his work “Dragon” won the second prize in the “Shenhu Cup” provincial artwork exhibition held by Shenhu Group.
In October 2012, he participated in the “Qi Yulai Father and Daughter Art Exhibition” held at Beijing Convention and Exhibition Center.
In May 2013, “Qi Xiaohong Painting Art Exhibition” was held in Wuhan Xinjing International Hotel.
In October 2013, she participated in the “Qi Yulai Father and Daughter Art Exhibition” held by Shanghai Artists Association.
In October 2014, he participated in the 10th Shenzhen Cultural Expo, and his work “Swimming” was exhibited on the same stage as his great-grandfather Qi Baishi’s paintings.
In 2015, he participated in the “Happy Xiaoxiang” mass art, calligraphy, and photography activities in Hunan Province, and his work “Autumn Lotus” won the second prize in art, and his works were collected by the Hunan Provincial Art Museum.

Representative Works