Feng Minxia

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Feng Minxia graduated from the Chinese Department of Guangzhou Radio and Television University. Now she is a member of the China Photographers Association, China Photographic Copyright Association, PSA China, China National Association, Guangdong Photographers Association, Guangdong Couplet Society, Guangdong Couplet Painting, and Calligraphy Institute, national level artist, and national gift artist. In the art of calligraphy and painting, she is a disciple of Mai Hua San’s disciple, Li Chi Lin calligrapher, and a disciple of Qi Baishi’s son, Qi Liang Chi’s disciple, Zhao Guo Chan, and Feng Sheng (Feng Jian Zhi), a national gift artist. Her works have been collected by overseas Chinese in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries, and exhibited at the Gao Jianfu Memorial Hall, Guangdong Zhongshan Library, Huanghuagang Exhibition Hall, Culture Park, etc. In 2014, she won a gold medal for her painting and calligraphy work “Dragon Flying and Phoenix Dancing” at the Peace Cup International Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting held in China and Singapore.
Her works, with profound brushwork, full lines, unconventional composition, thick and atmospheric ink, take nature as the reality, get the heart source, learn nature, and can make nature become a gully in her chest, fully and perfectly expressed in a unique form of brushwork and ink. At the same time, Feng Minxia is also a creative and innovative painter, who is able to take in a wide range of works and incorporate the strengths of various schools to make her personal works.
Her elegant and quiet creative mind reveals her profound brushwork and painstaking artistic expression, revealing the ethereal in the richness and showing the rhythm in the blandness. Every grass and tree under her brush reveals a simple, modest, and soft artistic atmosphere.

Representative Works