Zhen Jinneng

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Zhen Jinneng is the director of the New York Art and Energy Painting Institute. He specializes in oil painting. He has studied under such famous artists as Chen Jingli, Zhu Guozhi, Ma Qikang, Cai Xin, Huang Weisheng, and Kuang Fujian. His works are unique in style and diverse in subject matter and are loved by all walks of life. Recently, he won the first prize in the “Zhong Yi Cup” painting and calligraphy competition held in Hebei Province. During this period, he has also been active in the art and literature circles at home and abroad. He has also served as the honorary president of Kaiping Chinese Painting Association, the secretary of the New York “Global Art Forum”, the secretary of the New York Poetry, Painting and Chess Association, the member of the Kaiping Artists Association, and the art advisor of the New York Taishan People in America magazine, the executive director of the North American Artists Association, the advisor of the New York Chinese National Art Institute, the diplomat of Kaiping First Middle School, the vice-chairman of the Tuanzhong Vice Chairman of Love Scholarship Foundation, Honorary Chairman of the United Association of Guangdong Overseas Chinese in the United States, selected in the anthology of contemporary international famous teachers and celebrities, selected in the Year of the Rat and the Year of the Tiger, the top 100 theme postcards of Chinese contemporary painting and calligraphy.

Representative Works