Characteristics of American Culture

“Individualism” Individualism is the core of American culture. Americans advocate the supremacy of the individual, strive for themselves, believe in personal dignity, live for themselves, pay attention to personal characteristics, and pursue self-expression. “Straightforward” and “Euphemistic” Americans like to be honest and straightforward. Between friends and colleagues, they must be sincere. They don’t like flattery, dare to express different opinions, and hate circumstances. For example, Chinese people always like to ask “Have you eaten?” when they meet each other, and

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American Culture

American culture belongs to Western culture and has been developed long before the independence of the United States. Because of its colonial history, British culture has the most dramatic influence, such as the use of English and the common law system; the rest have a greater influence on American culture including Irish culture, German culture, Polish culture, Italian culture, Native American culture and African culture (especially West Africa). American culture is also influenced by new immigrants and neighboring countries (such

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