Zhou Yue

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Zhou Yue, born in Guangzhou in 1955, is the grandson of Mr. Zhao Shaoang, the master of the Lingnan School of Painting. He was the director of Zhao Shaoang Art Museum of Guangzhou Art Museum, the director of Gao Jianfu Memorial Museum, and a member of the Guangzhou Artists Association.
His paintings are characterized by the essence of Zhao Shao’ang’s art, especially the freshness of pink peonies, which are widely loved by people.
His works have been compiled and published by the Guangzhou National Archives and the Guangzhou Artists Association, such as “Guangzhou Artists Archive” and “Excellent Works of Guangzhou Artists Association Members”.
In 2010, he was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to give a lecture on “The Artistic Life of Zhao Shao’ang” at the Hong Kong Book Fair Literary Arts Gallery. His paintings were featured in a column in Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao under the title “Appreciating Zhou Yue’s Lingnan Paintings”.
During the Guangzhou Asian Games, his works were selected for the special painting exhibition “Hundred Flowers in the City of Flowers to Welcome the Asian Games” organized by the Guangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the 16th Asian Games Organizing Committee, and the Guangzhou Artists Association, and were selected as gifts to the delegations of participating countries and regions.
In 2012, his works were exhibited in the “Artistic Talent Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition” (a joint exhibition of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau) held at The Venetian Macao CotaiExpo, during which he was interviewed by the magazine Art Vertical. Lightly dyed by the sun” was selected for the Guangzhou Art Exhibition.
In March 2015, he was invited by the City University of Hong Kong to participate in the opening ceremony of the exhibition “The Art World of Zhao Shao’ang”, and he painted on the spot.
In 2017, his works participated in the 20th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong Exhibition held at the Hong Kong Central Library.
In September 2018, his works participated in the exhibition “The Artistic Way Heritage _ Works of Mr. Zhao Shao’ang and his descendants” held at the Chen Shuren Memorial Hall.
In July 2019, his works participated in the “Heart Green Road Long_Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” held at the Lingnan Association Exhibition Hall.

Representative Works