Zeng Rong

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Zeng Rong is a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a national-level artist, a member of the Guangdong Provincial Government Cultural and Historical Research Institute, the executive director of the Lingnan Institute of Chinese Painting in Guangzhou, the vice president of the Lingnan Printing House, the chairman of the Guangzhou Yuexiu District Artists Association, and the supervisor of the master’s degree program at South China Normal University.
He studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in the Department of Chinese Painting and at the Chinese Painting Institute of the China Academy of Art, where he studied under the famous artists Li Ge Min, Lai Shaoqi, Liu Shumin, Man Weiqi, and Professor Bai Yunxiang.
He has held twenty-two solo exhibitions at home and abroad, was invited to lecture at New York University and St. John’s University in 2007, and has published eleven books of his paintings and essays.

Representative Works