Zhang Lequn

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Zhang Lequn, born in 1941, is a native of Bilian County, Jiangsu Province. He is currently the president of the Chinese Academy of Management Science, the president of the Association for the Promotion of Chinese and Western Culture, the senior advisor of the China Youth Entrepreneurship Association, the professor of the Youzhou Academy of Modern Chinese Literature, the president of the Beijing Universal Academy of Chinese Culture, and the senior advisor of the Charity Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute.
He has been a hobbyist in education, culture and art since childhood, especially in painting, and is good at figure painting. He has published “Selected Dances of Inner Mongolia” and “Famous Doctors, Medicines and Factories of Inner Mongolia” which won the first prize. He has published in “Flower and Rain” magazine and distributed up to 800,000 copies per issue. Cooperated in the publication of “Wuxia Novel” with millions of sets. Participated in many movies and TV series. He was the scriptwriter of the feature film “The Divine Cat and the Iron Spider” published by Inner Mongolia Film Studio, which won the first prize. After his retirement, he created a collection of Chinese classics in original language, translation and painting, and started to educate children about Chinese studies. He proposes not to forget history, not to forget ancestors, and not to forget Chinese national studies. He teaches his children the 5,000 years of culture inherited from the ancient Chinese emperors and emperors, through all dynasties and generations. Let Chinese culture become a bridge between the cultures of the world and benefit the prosperity and strength of the world’s people.

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