Yuan Yansheng

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Yuan Yansheng is the owner of “Ye Ming Ju”. He is now a member of the Provincial Calligraphy Association, a member of the Painting and Calligraphy Institute of the Jiangmen Political Consultative Conference, a consultant of the Macao Culture and Arts Society, and the executive vice president of the Elderly Calligraphy and Painting Research Association of Enping City. His works have been exhibited (or won awards) in various events held by the provincial calligraphy association, and he was selected for the 9th China-Korea Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition, and his calligraphy deeds and works have been reported and introduced in the Southern Daily, Yangcheng Evening News and the publication of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Branch Life. , 2014, 2017 had organized and participated in the calligraphy exhibition held in Macau.

Representative Works