Sun Dagui

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Sun Dagui, Yimeng Mountain Man, Han nationality, was born in Mengyin County, Shandong Province on December 23, 1943. Now he is a member of Jiangsu Artists Association, a member of Jiangsu Flower and Bird Painting Research Association, a professor of Shandong Science and Culture Institute, and a national level artist.
In 1976, Sun Dagui studied Chinese painting figures, landscapes and birds under the guidance of Professors Yang Jianhou, Tan Yong and Li Jianchen of the Fine Arts Department of Nanjing Normal University, and later specialized in Chinese painting flowers and birds, specializing in painting tigers, plums, bamboo and chickens. He has been invited to lecture and hold 21 solo exhibitions in Yangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Mudanjiang, Haikou, Guangzhou and other places. He has published Sun Dagui’s Painting Exhibition, Sun Dagui’s Chinese Painting Collection, Sun Dagui’s Selected Paintings, Sun Dagui’s Selected Tiger Paintings, Sun Dagui’s Works, Sun Dagui’s Anthology, Sun Dagui’s Hundred Rooster Pictures, etc. In 1983, Sun Dagui won the first prize in the “Exhibition of Military and Local Talents” held by the Nanjing Military District for his creation of Chinese paintings. In 1993, he won the title of World Bronze Medal Artist in the painting and calligraphy exhibition organized by the Art Department of the Chinese Modern Culture Society in Beijing. In 1999, he won the gold medal in the “National Folk Arts and Crafts Calligraphy Exhibition” sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and was awarded the title of “Cross-Straits He was awarded the title of “Cross-Strait Artist of Virtue and Art”. His artistic achievements are listed in “Who’s Who of World Calligraphers and Painters” and “Son of the East” Volume 2. CCTV, Shandong TV and Jiangsu TV have made special reports for Sun Dagui.

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