Sun Youming

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Sun Youming, executive director of the Chinese Couplet Society, vice chairman of the fourth and fifth Guangdong Couplet Society, vice director of the sixth Guangdong Couplet Society Advisory Committee, executive director of the Guangdong Couplet Society Painting and Calligraphy Institute, famous couplet artist of Guangdong Province, member of Guangdong Calligraphers Association, member of Guangdong Musicians Association, member of Guangzhou Artists Association, a former member of Yuexiu District Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of Yuexiu District Federation of Literary and Art Circles, vice chairman of Guangzhou Folk Artists Association He has held personal painting and calligraphy exhibitions in Guangzhou Art Museum, Zhuhai Art Museum, Guangzhou Culture Park, Yuexiu Arts, and Culture Center, Liuhua Arts Expo City, Wuxianguan Exhibition Hall, Xinhui Library, and Zhongshan Federation of Literary Arts Exhibition Hall. Autobiography”, “Walking with Dreams”, “One Hundred Talks on Micro Couplets”, “Youming on Poetry” and other monographs. He has taught Chinese painting at the Liwan District Children’s Palace and has taught nearly 100 students who have won national awards. He is a famous and versatile artist and has won the titles of “Guangdong Staff Artist” and “Guangzhou Staff Artist”, and is known as “Prince of Peony” and “National Gift Artist”. He is known as the “Prince of Peony” and “National Gift Artist”. Hundreds of his works have become gifts for governmental visits and return gifts.

Representative Works