Liang Peihao

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Born in 1935, Liang Peihao graduated from the first class of the Chinese Painting Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1958 and was directly taught by masters such as Guan Shangyue, Li Xiongcai, and Yang Zhiguang. After graduation, he was assigned to teach at the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts for 28 years.
In 1986, he was recruited to teach at the Zhuhai Education Institute in Guangdong Province as the director of the art system. He was a member of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a member of the Standing Committee of the Zhuhai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the chairman of the Zhuhai Committee of the Chinese Association for the Promotion of Democracy, and the vice president and professor of the Zhuhai Branch of the Chinese University of Calligraphy and Painting. Now he is the Art Director of the World Artists United Association and the Vice President of Zhuhai Enlightenment Painting Institute.
He has been engaged in teaching and creating art in colleges and universities for more than forty years, with students at home and abroad, and has held personal exhibitions in the United States, France, Macau, Shenzhen, Foshan (1983) (2011), Zhuhai, Zhongshan, and Dongguan.
He has published “Liang Peihao’s Paintings”, “Western Love” (a collection of Liang Peihao’s sketching paintings), “Liang Peihao’s Fifty Years of Art Retrospective”, “Liang Peihao’s Memorial Album of Painting Exhibition for Teachers and Students”, “Liang Peihao’s Biography of Old Painter”, “Liang Peihao’s Art of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Painters and Calligraphers – Liang Peihao”, “Liang Peihao’s Paintings of Figures of Taoism and Buddhism”, etc. In July 2013, “Order Production Plan” and “Love Science from a Young Age” were collected by the National Art Museum of China. The two works were collected by the National Art Museum of China. In August of the same year, the work “After the Performance” was collected by Hubei Provincial Art Museum.
In 2017, he published a large collection of his paintings, “Liang Peihao’s Paintings of the 8th Rank Collection”, which collects and prints his representative works in various stages over the past decades.
From May 24 to 27, 2019, two of his works, “Looking Across the Mountain” and “Asking the Child under the Pine”, were officially exhibited at the “24th Spring Art Exhibition of the Louvre” in Paris, France.
From July 11 to 18, 2019, a solo exhibition of paintings and calligraphy by the famous painter Professor Liang Pei-hao was held at the city hall of Rosny, East Paris. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the East Paris Regional Government and the Mayor of Rosny, who presented Pei-Hao Liang with the “All Silver Rosny Coat of Arms”; after the opening reception, a banquet was hosted in the City Hall. After the opening reception, a reception was held in the banquet hall of the city hall. The exhibition was very popular.

Representative Works