Lyu Zhenlin

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Lyu Zhenlin, born in December 1942, is a native of Suzhou City, Anhui Province, with a university education. He is a former deputy commander of Jiangsu military district, with the rank of major general. He began to study painting and calligraphy at the age of six, and after joining the army, he often practiced painting and calligraphy in combination with drawing and drafting, which laid the foundation for professional study and research of painting and calligraphy. In 2010 and 2011, he entered the landscape painting workshop of the Nanjing Art Institute, where he has written more than 60 ancient calligraphy and painting inscriptions, learning the theory and techniques of traditional painting and calligraphy, and while writing a large number of ancient works, he also focused on the Chinese painting of Qian, Ya, Song, and Wei of the New Jinling School. In terms of calligraphy, while studying the four major styles of Yan, Liu, Ou, and Zhao, he also studied with contemporary calligrapher Wu Zhongqi as his teacher and advanced in both calligraphy and painting. On the basis of studying and researching the art of calligraphy and painting of his predecessors, he has gradually developed his own personal characteristics and style of calligraphy and painting in close combination with his own actual situation.
In July 2009, he was assessed by the Art Management Professional Committee of the Chinese Cultural Management Society of the Ministry of Culture, and was recognized as a Chinese calligrapher and painter, awarded the current runner-up, and included in the Chinese Art Management Network of the Ministry of Culture, number B00145.
Over the past eleven years, he has participated in nearly one hundred national and military exhibitions and won many awards, some of which have been awarded honorary titles. Works have been included in hundreds of national and army-wide books and collections of calligraphy and painting.
In recent years, actively engaged in social welfare undertakings, for disaster relief and relief of social hardship groups as a contribution, providing works to participate in charity donations and charity sales activities more than 20 times, donating nearly one million yuan. His works have been collected by all walks of life, museums, libraries, and other institutions for more than 600 pieces.
He is currently the chairman of the Jiangsu branch of the Chinese Cultural Association, the vice president of the Chinese General Painting and Calligraphy Institute, a member of the Jiangsu branch of the Chinese Artists Association, and the executive director of the Chinese General Jinling Painting and Calligraphy Institute. He has served as honorary president or art advisor for dozens of painting and calligraphy institutes.

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