Liang Chengwei

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Liang Chengwei was born in Hong Kong in 1954 and was unable to attend secondary school due to poverty.
In 1991, he started to run a catering business in Guangdong, and in 1999, he started to develop related catering and abalone and sea cucumber farming business in Xi’an, Beijing, Shandong, and other places, and over the years, he has reached today’s achievement through self-study and hard work.
At an early age, Mr. Liang Chengwei was taught by Mr. Liang Zijiang, the owner of Xiaofeng House in Hong Kong (his uncle), and received his calligraphy skills from Mr. Liang. He often says, “The style of calligraphy never seeks to be rigid, but comes from the natural beauty of it, writing in a disciplined manner and being a proper person. He has been actively promoting the study of ancient Chinese literature and the traditional art of brush calligraphy through the Hong Kong Xiaofeng Academy, in keeping with his admiration for ancient literature.
After donating his museum, in 2013, in the presence of Professor Zhang Binghuang, President of the International Calligraphy Union, and more than 20 members of the Xiaofeng Society, he became a disciple of Professor Zhong Mingshan, advisor to the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a doctoral supervisor at Xi’an Jiaotong University, and director of the Museum of Jiaotong University, and continued his study of cultural arts.
In his career, he studied under Master Yang Guangyi, the world’s most famous abalone chef, and made abalone cuisine famous in China and abroad. His creation of “Vigo Abalone” has earned him the titles of “International Master of Culinary Arts”, “World Master of Culinary Arts” and “Professor of Abalone”. He is also known as “Professor of Abalone”.
He is currently a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Xi’an, a consultant of the China Shaanxi Calligraphy and Painting Art Training Center, the co-chairman of the Shaanxi Hong Kong Youth Cultural Exchange Promotion Association, the honorary chairman of the World Liang Clan Association, the chairman of the Hong Kong Xiaofeng Society, the permanent president of the Hong Kong International Calligraphy Union, the chairman of the Hong Kong Vigo Restaurant Group, the chairman of the World Master Chef Yang Guangyi Foundation, and the vice president of the Yu Youren International Calligraphy Art Institute. Vice President of Yu Youren International Calligraphy Art Institute, Vice President of Shaanxi Yu Youren Calligraphy Society, Chief Advisor of China Hotel Association, Chairman of International Mai Zhanqing Martial Arts Association.

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