Jiang Zhen

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Jiang Zhen, a native of Qiandao Lake in Chun’an. Now he is a professional painter, a member of the Fujian Provincial Artists Association, and a lifetime member of the American Professional Painters Association.
In 2003, he graduated from Hangzhou Gongmei (now Hangzhou Normal University College of Fine Arts)
In 2009, he held a personal exhibition in the library of Longhua Temple in Shanghai, and “Guanyin” was kept in the temple for the rest
Miao Girl”, “Child Series”, etc. Many of his works have been collected by collectors at home and abroad, and some of his works have been exhibited and sold in Hangzhou Wanghu Bin Museum all year round.
2010/2011 Participated in the 10th and 11th Hangzhou West Lake Art Fair
2011 Held an exhibition of Chinese painting in Singapore
2012 Entered the China Academy of Fine Arts for further study
2014 Participated in the Autumn Art Salon Exhibition in Paris
2018 To New York till now
2019 Joined the American Society of Professional Painters as a lifetime member.
The work “Qin Ye Chu Chuan” participated in the American Society of Professional Painters Spring 2021.

Representative Works