Feng Guanghai

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Feng Guanghai, Marshal Chen Yi Special Actor, Calligrapher, Orthopedist
State Council Zhongnanhai Ziguang Pavilion National Gift Calligrapher
China Television Artists Association Member
Golden Shield Film and Television Center of the Central Military Commission Actor Calligrapher
National Academy of Painting and Calligraphy Director
China Youth Politics Academy Belt and Road Strategy Research Institute Senior Advisor
Chinese National Gift Ambassador
Vice President of China Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Association
Honorary President of the Chinese General Long Sword Painting and Calligraphy Institute
Ambassador of China Green Alliance Project Construction
Calligraphy Rundown 60,000 Yuan per square foot
August 2, 2014, Beijing Poly Auction No. 27, the work “Spirit of the Dragon and Horse” 8 square feet sold for $529,000

Representative Works