Zhu Songmin

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Zhu Songmin, is now the president and professor of Guangzhou College of Painting and Calligraphy, member of the China Artists Association, vice president of Guangzhou Artists Association, vice president of Guangzhou Wenlian Painting and Calligraphy Institute, vice president of Guangzhou Calligraphy and Painting Famous Artists Art Promotion Association, director of Guangdong Artists Association, president of Guangzhou Sports Culture Association, standing committee member of Guangzhou Political Consultative Conference, vice president of Guangzhou Haizhu District Federation of Literature, president of Guangzhou Haizhu District Artists Association. In 2013, he was awarded as one of the top ten figures in the world of painting by the New Express and is well known in the world of painting for his expression of Chinese Tibetan landscapes. Over the past twenty years, he has gone into Tibet more than twenty times to sketch and experience life and has deeply experienced the charm of the highland landscape.
Zhu Songmin’s works are unique in the world of painting because they draw on the past to open up the present and integrate the East and the West, forming distinctive personal artistic characteristics. Many of his works have been selected and awarded in national, provincial, and municipal art exhibitions, and collected by art museums, museums, institutions, and individuals in various regions. Among them, “The auspicious clouds and rain” won the gold medal of the Fifth National Sports Art Exhibition, the nomination award of the Guangdong Provincial Art Association for 50 years of classic works, and the Guangzhou Literature and Art Award. He has held more than 30 exhibitions in China and around the world. He has published more than ten personal monographs such as “Zhu Songmin’s Western Landscape Paintings”, “Zhu Songmin’s Art and Life” and “Heavenly Sound”.

Representative Works