Zhong Jingfan

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Born in 1967 in Chixi, Taishan, Guangdong Province, Zhong Jingfan is a keen painter, intelligent and sensitive, he has been studying hard, constantly thinking and observing, and has explored an innovative way of painting for himself, inheriting and carrying forward the artistic path of Yang Shanshan (Tongcun), one of the Lingnan school of painting. He inherited and carried forward the artistic path of Yang Shan-Shen (Tongcun), one of the Lingnan School of painting, learning his style of painting and calligraphy, and was personally instructed by Professor Wu Bubiao, the current national-level painter in Shenzhen, receiving instruction on the cultural cultivation and specific expression techniques of Chinese painting.
In August 2008, he personally painted a 100-meter scroll dedicated to the Beijing Olympic Games and was interviewed live by Shenzhen TV’s First Live.
In March 2017, he participated in the National Calligraphy and Painting Creative Painting and Calligraphy Competition and won the silver medal for his painting and calligraphy works, and he is not arrogant in front of his achievements, still tirelessly learning and improving, and creating for a long time, and some of his works have been collected by relevant units and individuals. He strives to specialize in traditional Chinese painting techniques and improve people’s appreciation of Chinese painting, pursuing elegance and a common appreciation, and making new contributions to enriching people’s material and spiritual civilization.

Representative Works