Zhao Guochan

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Born in 1964 in Li County, Hebei Province, Zhao Guochan graduated from Baoding Art School. In his early years, he learned the painting techniques of the Qi School from Qi Baishi’s son Qi Liangchi, and in May 2006, he studied in the advanced art class of Tsinghua University in Beijing, where the famous teacher Huo Chunyang personally guided his art studies. In addition, he has also been taught by the old generation of calligraphers and painters such as Xu Beiting, Liu Qian, Wang Xinxin, Sun Zhu, Zhao Hansha, Sun Shengnian, Hong Zhangqing, Wang Yun, Lv Zhejun, Guo Yannian, Huang Shanding, Zhou Guanghan, Yu Qiushui, Chen Shurong, Chen Bingxi, etc. In the summer of 2006, he opened a solo exhibition at Rongbaozhai in Beijing.
Qi School art is a traditional art that has been recognized by society. Zhao Guocan teacher has never stopped, seeking teachers and visiting friends, learning from others, studying Chinese painting, and fusing Chinese and Western techniques, gradually forming a quiet, calm, realistic, dynamic, light style of painting, better carrying forward the Qi school of painting style, play the subtleties of the Qi school of painting techniques. In 2014, he won the “Top Ten of My Favorite Works in the Art Category” in the “Thousands of Famous Calligraphers and Painters Exhibition” sponsored by Guangdong Calligraphers Association and Guangzhou New Express Newspaper. His works have been collected by dignitaries and friends all over the country.

Representative Works