Zeng Yongkang

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Zeng Yongkang, a native of Zhongshan, Guangdong, is now old. As a child, he was influenced by his family and his father’s cultural atmosphere and loved painting and calligraphy. In the seventies, he enrolled in the Guangzhou Secondary School of Fine Arts, during which he was introduced by a friend and had the honor of meeting the master calligraphers Wu Zi Fu and Mai Hua San, whom he admired and was influenced by, and later took the calligraphic style as a model and benefited a lot. After graduation, he returned to the Zhongshan Cultural Center as a full-time art publicity officer and worked as a calligraphy instructor in the adult classes of the National University of Television. After immigrating to the United States, he sold calligraphy and paintings on the street to earn a living, and then worked successively in New York’s “American-Chinese World”, “China Daily”, “The Other Side”, “Sing Tao Daily” and other newspapers as editor and editor. “Later on, he founded an advertising company and is still in charge of the graphic design business.

Representative Works