Ye Song

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Ye Song, a member of the Guangzhou Artists’ Association, is a native of Longchuan County, Heyuan, Guangdong. Born in 1951, he was born in an artistic family and was nurtured by Professor Ye Luye, a great master of the Lingnan School of painting, from his childhood, and embarked on the artistic path of inheriting the painting style of the Lingnan School.
His representative work “Spring Breeze” won the excellent award in the art exhibition “commemorating the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up”, and his best works in the following periods have won awards. With these specialties, he could write his own “line goods” with ease, but he always demanded himself strictly, not to waste his time with “line goods”, but to study his father’s fine works with great devotion, and strive to create his own characteristics day by day, and to seek guidance from many famous artists, and to collect the best works from many people. He also sought guidance from many famous artists to improve himself.
As the saying goes, “A famous teacher makes a high apprentice” and “Heaven’s way rewards hard work”, now his flower and bird paintings have both his teacher and his own face, especially his “peacock” paintings with exquisite ink and brush, and also with bold and spontaneous. He has been praised both inside and outside the profession. His peacocks in particular have been praised both inside and outside the profession.

Representative Works