Tang Chaofan

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Tang Chaofan, Han, male, born in January 1930, is a native of Yanling County, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. He has served as propaganda, minister of education, and senior engineer. In 1994, he was enlightened by Feng Yiwu and guided by his colleagues from the Beijing Qing Yun Poetry, Calligraphy, and Painting Society, copying the four styles of calligraphy, namely Wang, Yan, Seal Script, Official Script, and the ink of modern calligraphers. He has participated in national calligraphy and painting exhibitions and won gold and silver prizes and excellent certificates, among which five works were selected and printed in classic books by “Chinese Soul”, “Spring and Autumn” and “Beijing Senior Calligraphy and Painting Association Member”. There are also Yinchuan, Guilin Art Institute collection issued to the certificate, especially to participate in the Western Development International Calligraphy and Painting Invitation Competition and cross-strait calligraphy and painting exchange tour exhibition by Guilin, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Yanhuang editorial units, won the gold award. Beijing Laowu newspaper “since the ancient literati dance Danqing, force through the back of the paper to see the truth, not to say Tang Lao late to learn the word, but also can be sensational north and south of the middle” assigned a poem of praise, and was invited to Greenwich High School in Connecticut to explain the art of Chinese calligraphy, and Sun Yat-sen Junior High School art park pen swing. He was invited to Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut to give a lecture on Chinese calligraphy, and to Sun Yat-sen Junior High School Art Park. In 2012, “Dragon” was shown in Flushing Mall, and in 2013, “Blessing” was shown by New York Chinese TV station, contributing to the global promotion of Chinese culture.

Representative Works