Shen Jiaqi

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Shen Jiaqi, a native of Xuyi County, Jiangsu Province, was born in 1945. He was the vice minister of the Cadre Department and the minister of the Discipline Inspection Department of Nanjing Military Region. He is now a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a director of the Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, vice president of the Shanghai Hongqiao Painting Institute, and executive vice-chairman of the Nanjing Military District Veterans Calligraphy Association. He studied calligraphy under the famous calligrapher Mr. Wu Zhongqi, and also received guidance from the famous calligrapher Mr. Xiao Ping. His calligraphy is characterized by a positive atmosphere and masculine beauty. His regular script is based on the Zheng Wen Gong Stele, which is heavy and majestic, and can write large characters; his official script is based on the Shi Men Ode and Yi Bingshou’s official script, which is broad and vigorous; his cursive script is influenced by the Ritual Manuscript and Huang Dao Zhou’s cursive script, which is rhythmic and simple and smooth. His works have participated in large national military exhibitions and have been collected by the Chinese Military Museum, some provincial and municipal museums, and memorials, as well as by collectors at home and abroad. He is the author of “Learning Calligraphy for the Elderly”.

Representative Works