Luo Zhiyan

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Luo Zhiyan, from 2013 to 2017, has held three personal exhibitions and produced three books of personal paintings. He has been interviewed and reported by Guangzhou TV, Guangdong Zhujiang TV, Guangzhou Daily, and Yangcheng Evening News many times, and his works have participated in provincial and municipal exhibitions and national invitational exhibitions of famous Chinese painters.
Mr. Luo is good at learning from and absorbing excellent art achievements. He has vigorously carried forward the artistic spirit of the Lingnan school of painting, which is “eclectic between East and West, blending the ancient and modern”, and is good at borrowing and absorbing the beneficial achievements of art development in the past and present. In foreign art exchange and cooperation, he should base himself on himself and learn from the strengths of others, pay attention to inheriting the excellent traditions of national art and learning from the strengths of the art of all nationalities in the world, use the ancient for the present, use the foreign for the Chinese, integrate the excellent art techniques and successful experiences of the past and present, be inclusive, learn from the strengths of others, and further promote the development of Chinese art culture.

Representative Works