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Born in Guangzhou in 1953, Li Zhanhua joined the Guangzhou Railway Bureau in 1972 as a train conductor, an artist, and chairman of the Railway Logistics Union.
He is a young student of his family and has deep attainments in literature and history, philosophy, poetry and painting, and jinshi. He has been specializing in the research and identification of modern painting and calligraphy for forty years.
He is now an art advisor of the National Archives of Guangzhou, a visiting professor of the China Pawn Auction Education Center, vice president of the Guangdong Art Appraisal and Evaluation Association, executive chairman of the Southern Art Appraisal Committee of the China Artists Association, researcher of the Lingnan Culture Appreciation Institute of Guangzhou University, visiting professor of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, visiting professor of the Guangdong Huawen Institute of Chinese Studies, honorary chairman of the Guangdong Collectors’ Association and Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Collectors’ Association and Director of Professional Committee of Painting and Calligraphy, Vice Chairman of Literary Critics’ Association of Guangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Critics and Director of Professional Committee of Collection and Appreciation Art Research, Vice Chairman of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Operators’ Association, Honorary Chairman of Chinese Culture and Art Research Center, Vice Chairman of Chinese Collectors’ Association, Honorary President of Guangdong Zhi Gong Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Honorary President of Guangdong Southland Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Honorary President of Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Art Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Honorary President of New York US-China Cultural Industry Center. In 2008, he was appointed as a member of the Cultural and Historical Research Institute of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government; in 2012, he was appointed as the director of the Expert Committee on Appreciation of Painting and Calligraphy of the Folk Art Institute of the Cultural and Historical Museum; in 2015, he was the vice president of the Informatization Research Institute of the Cultural and Historical Museum of Guangdong Province.
He has created his own books and teaching materials on “Eight View Methods” and “Identification of Forgeries of Famous Paintings and Calligraphy”, which are illustrated from theory to practice, with detailed evidence, rich in connotation, in-depth and easy to understand, and applied in the course of training national “qualification certification”, “appraiser, appraiser, and broker”, and trained 150 students.
In 2012, “China Pawn Auction Education Center” as a visiting professor, held in Hong Kong and Macao international auctioneer, international auction planner, training qualification certificate students nearly 300 people.
For more than 40 years, Li Zhanhua has been influential in the field of art and culture, criticism, auction, collection, and appraisal, and is known as “Li Yixing” and “Xu Bangda in the north, Li Zhanhua in the south”. He has given lectures at Kang Youwei’s “Wanwu Cao Tang”, the “Huadu School” of Huadu District Party School, and the “Yangcheng School” of the Guangzhou Propaganda Department.
He was awarded as one of the 50 “Great Collectors” in Guangdong in the large cultural documentary program created by the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Guangzhou TV. Li Zhanhua: “A flash of eight views, a life of the painting” was made into a DVD, and he has been an expert in treasure appreciation for Guangzhou TV for a long time, appraising treasures for the public on the movie screen.
From 1999 to now, he has written art criticism articles, forewords, prefaces, and postscripts for more than 380 articles in total for famous painters, calligraphers, directors of painting academies, professors of art schools, and chairmen of art associations in provinces, cities, and localities across China.
In 2000, his thesis was selected for the first China Calligraphy and Painting Industry Forum, and in 2002, his thesis was selected for the second China Calligraphy and Painting Industry Forum. The cultural delegation of “World Tour of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy”, served as deputy’s head and head went into Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, and Europe.
2005 Named one of the top ten connoisseurs in Guangdong by Yangcheng Evening News.
In 2006, the first issue of the China Antiques News featured a full-page story on the front page with a full-column headline “China’s Great Collector – Li Zhanhua”.
In 2008, his personal profile and large portrait photos were selected as part of the “Large Collection of Contemporary Chinese Portraits of Outstanding People”.
In 2010, he was awarded the title of Outstanding Chinese Collector in the delegation of the People’s Republic of China on the 11th International Youth Day of the United Nations.
In 2010 and 2012, several papers in the World Chinese Collectors Conference were selected in the collection of papers and documents, including “Reflections of a Collector before he passed away”, “The same gallery industry has a thousand different fates” and “Selling paintings is like selling people”, which entered the compilation of the collection as the only paper in Guangdong, and the originality of the content of the papers has had a profound impact in the world Chinese circle.
2015 – 2017, Guangdong “Information Times” Connoisseur’s World column, one page per week (selected authentic and forged works of famous ancient and modern painters surviving, using the identification of forgeries, pictures, and text, accumulating more than one hundred articles and two hundred works).
In 2016, the review articles such as “Wu and Bird, Wang and Jade” were selected in the journal of Guangdong Writers’ Association “Works”, the journal of Guangdong Provincial Federation of Literature “Guangdong Sea Breeze”, and the magazines of Southern Publishing Media and Huacheng Publishing House “National Vision”.
In 2016, he participated in the series of collections of members of the Guangdong Collectors’ Association, “Cheng Huai Guan Dao”, a large collection of paintings and calligraphy, as an editorial reviewer.

In 2016, he received the annual “National Art Contribution Award” from the Guangdong Cultural Communication Society (1996-2016).
Other professional achievements.
CI design: the winning bids are: Guangdong Collectors Association “emblem”, “Sun God Group Limited “Sun God” logo (cooperation), ancient and modern art auction company “logo “, Dongguan Economic Development Corporation Naihuo material “Fire without Naihuo” “trademark”, China Auction Federation “logo” and many other designs.
Oil painting works: “a dusty”, selected for the first prize of the Ministry of Railways painting and calligraphy exhibition, printmaking works “warm carriage” selected for the first prize of the Guangzhou Railway Bureau painting and calligraphy competition, “Lai Zhanhua imagery oil painting” selected by Guangdong Lingnan Art Publishing House, “Gallery” magazine.
Calligraphy works: “Containing elegance” was collected by Huizhou Museum. Han Ink Rhyme” was collected by Guangdong Longquan Museum.
Film and television work: “painting and calligraphy identification eight view method” CCTV influence column production of promotional film and broadcast. The Great Collector”, a large cultural documentary program of Guangzhou TV, the collecting life of Li Zhanhua, produced DVD.

Representative Works