Li Detian

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Li Detian was born in October 1953 in Taishan, Guangdong Province, with a university degree. He was inspired by his father’s life and has loved calligraphy and painting since childhood. He studied Chinese painting by correspondence and graduated from Anhui Academy of Fine Arts in 1983. Now he is a calligrapher specially appointed by Beijing Mustard Seed Garden Painting Institute, a consultant of Beijing Mustard Seed Garden Painting Institute Kaiping Branch, a member of Guangdong Old Cadres Calligraphy and Poetry Association, a member of Jiangmen and Taishan Yanhuang Culture Calligraphy and Painting Research Association, a consultant of Taishan Calligraphy Association, a member of Chinese Couplet and Poetry Society (Taishan Branch). In recent years, his calligraphy and painting works have participated in many relevant calligraphy and painting exhibitions organized by the national customs system, provincial and local governments, or public welfare organizations and won awards. First Prize. His works have been collected by relevant associations, enterprises, colleges, and temples in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, and Zhongshan, as well as by overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan compatriots in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, and other countries, and by related friendly people in China.

Representative Works