Li Bing

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Li Bing, born in 1955, is a native of Fushi Village in Taishan. He is a retired cadre of Taishan Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Bureau. He is now the deputy head of calligraphy and photography group and calligraphy teacher of Taishan Old Cadre University, honorary director of Jiangmen Calligraphers Association and honorary president of Taishan Calligraphers Association. He was born in a famous township with a strong culture, and has been nurtured by culture since childhood, and has formed an inseparable bond with calligraphy and painting, and during his work from a teacher to a government department, he has been working hard on the study of calligraphy and painting. For more than twenty years, under the careful guidance of Yuan Yansheng, his skills have improved greatly and he has made certain achievements. His works have been exhibited in the province and Jiangmen for many times, and he has been invited to exhibit in Korea and Macau.

Representative Works