Liang Weijie

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Liang Weijie, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Young Artists Association, Director of Guangdong Collectors Association, Director of Professional Committee of Painting and Calligraphy, Member of Guangdong Artists Association, Chairman of Foshan Young Artists Association, Executive Director of Foshan Artists Association, Founding Director of Foshan Chinese Painting Society, Vice Chairman of Nanhai Artists Association, Painter of Nanhai Painting Institute, Advisor of Meizhou Young Artists Association, Advisor of Dali Artists Association.
In 1999, his work “The Wandering Wild Geese” was selected in the “Guangdong Fine Arts Exhibition to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China” (exhibited at the Guangdong Art Museum); in 2002, his work “No Wind in the Moonlight” was selected in the “Second Chinese Painting Exhibition of Guangdong Province” (Guangdong); in 2003, his work “Colorful Lotus” won the “4th Calligraphy, Art and Photography Exhibition of Guangdong Province” (Guangdong); in 2004, his work “Su Lotus” won the “5th Calligraphy, Art and Photography Exhibition of Guangdong Province” (Guangdong). In 2005, his work “Flowers in Bloom” was awarded “The 6th Exhibition of Calligraphy, Fine Arts and Photography of Guangdong Province” (Guangdong), and in 2005, his work “Qingxi” was selected for the “National Chinese Painting Exhibition in Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Victory of the War of Resistance” (Beijing), and in 2015, his work “Deep in Vine Flowers” was selected for the “Hanmo Qilu, National Chinese Painting Exhibition” and won the “13th Guangdong Province Joint Exhibition of Art, Calligraphy and Photography” award of excellence, in 2017 was named as an excellent collector in Guangdong Province, in 2018 and the works of friends joint exhibition (Gaoming Exhibition Center), in 2018 the work “bamboo forest perching birds” was selected in the “ink Zhaoan a national Chinese painting exhibition”, in 2018 the work “lotus pond early snow” was selected in the “poetry and painting city. In 2019, he won the “Academic Achievement Award” of Guangdong Collectors Association, and in 2019, he jointly exhibited his works with friends (Bangkok, Thailand).

Representative Works